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miércoles, 27 de agosto de 2008

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Electronic Personally-Controlled Health Record

Dossia will enable you to be an active partner in managing your health care.
Dossia will allow you to:
-Share complete and up-to-date health information with your providers
-Avoid potentially dangerous delays, mistakes and miscommunications when more than one health professional is involved in your care
-Use your time in the doctor's office more effectively
-Keep track of chronic illnesses
-Help family members manage their health care
As a communication tool Dossia will help cut down on medical errors and eliminate waste. This will improve the quality of the care you receive and reduce inefficiency in the health care system.
What Dossia Will Do
Dossia is working to supply you with a Web-based infrastructure that automatically provides an electronic summary of your medical history from many sources - most importantly, one that is personally controlled, private, portable and secure.
Once you have gathered information for your record, you alone are free to include or exclude that information in your Dossia personally-controlled health record, and you alone determine what parts of your Dossia record that you will share with others. Your record may include problems, medications, procedures, tests, allergies, your family history and many other types of health information.
The key feature to understand about the Dossia is that it is personal and private. You choose how much data is collected in your record and shared, with whom, and in what form. It is recommended that you share a complete record with your physician, but the decision is always in your hands. Your record will also be portable; you can continue to update it and use it even if you move to another state or change employers, health plans or doctors.
How Dossia Guards Your Privacy
You opt-in to the system if and when you want. You decide what information to share and who to share it with. You decide which parts of your record will be seen by others. No one can see any information without your permission and that includes your employer and insurance company.
Your Dossia site is password-protected and secured by the same financial industry technologies that ensure the safety of billions of dollars of online transactions every day. Dossia is also protected by additional security enhancements appropriate to the sensitive nature of medical data.